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It’s the called the City of Love for a reason! It’s beautiful and it’s by far the most romantic place on our beautiful Earth! Yep, it’s Paris!

When I was a little girl I had always dreamed of visiting the Eiffle Tower and tasting pastries. Today; that is still my dream! It has been said that even the air in Paris has a certain smell that could make you fall in love without doing anything at all.

Did you know that the Eiffel Tower was inspired by the structure of human bones? Absolutely amazing and Breath Taking! Photo received from Punkahontas.com !

If I got the chance to take this dream vacation with all my friend I would take fellow contestant Tricia Braunstein as we are already best friends! I would also take my friends from back home like Chantal Gramlich, Katrina LaFosse, Arielle Schmidt, Katie Musgrove, Shania Watson, Stephanie Payne, and Tamara Zahenaiko!My friends and I actually just got back from a S-trip! to Puerto Vallarta and we all enjoyed S-trip! so much! I think they would enjoy Paris because they all love sight seeing and to be honest; what’s not to love about Paris? For me personally, I want nothing more than to see the heritage of Paris. I want to see all the beautiful buildings that have piece of the culture and heritage with it! I would also love to learn French. The French language even sounds beautiful to me! I want to see the Castle, all the Cathedrals because they have the most beautiful drawings and stained glass that it is hard not to want to see that! Especially the Notre Dame Cathedral, it is the most stunning Cathedral in the world!

This is the Notre Dame Cathedral! Absolutely Stunning! Photo received by: Wikipedia CommonsThis is inside the Notre Dame Cathedral and I think it is one of the world's most beautiful sites! Photo received from: Bubblews.com

The art in each of the buildings in Paris is absolutely breathtaking! There’s quite nothing like it! To receive this trip it would actually be  a dream come true!! I cannot express my passion for Paris, I have asked my parents almost every day to go to Paris, but to be able to do this trip with my high school friends and Tricia would be absolutely amazing this one trip I would never forget!

For over 35 years S-Trip! has been a leader in student travel providing life-changing trips to over 40,000 students annually in over 40 destinations around the world. S-Trip! travelers are encouraged to become global citizens; opening their eyes to new cultures, languages, and experiences. Recently named Profit Magazine’s 25th fastest growing company in Canada, and recognized as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies by Deloitte and CIBC, S-Trip! is a leader in student travel in North America. Find out more at www.s-trip.com.

Thanks S-trip! for sponsoring this blog assignment and crowning one girl the Social Media Queen with the award of a FREE Grad Trip!

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Hi I’m Kolbi from Kolbi’s Ad Agency and I’m here to tell you about the amazing commercial I would make for Signature Towels if my company got the job and teh $250K reward to make this commercial! Signature Towels are a great way to order personalized gifts for a friend, a loved one, parent or a gift of any type. The problem is, not enough people know about this company and more need to know- so I am desiging an awesome commercial for Signature Towels to get noticed the absolute best way they can ! So check it out below!

I would use the setting as the Royal Decameron Resort in Puerto Vallarta as it is right on the beach and towels are very frequently used on the beach and they are a excellent way of showcasing the towels!! My actor in the commericial would be Channing Tatum and my actress would be Lucy Hale! The reason  I chose Channing Tatum is because many girls are head over heals for Channing and would want to buy the same towels. Also many guys and girls are in love with Pretty Little Liars actress Lucy Hale as she is absolutely stunning and they would also want to buy the same product as her!

The commercial starts with Channing coming out of the ocean, and running up to grab a towel from his friend Lucy!

Lucy then says ” Hey Channing, where’d you get that totally cool towel from” Channing replies: “I got it from Signature Towels! They are super soft, large, and are perfect for the bath or the beach, they are also a great gift for anyone! It’s a personalized gift to show that you care for the recipient! ”

Lucy: ” That’s awesome, I wish I had a Signature Bath Towel! How do I get one?”

Channing: ” No worries Lucy, I already got you one, they’re the coolest towels around and so I got it for a cool girl like you (hands towel to lucy)” Lucy then with excitement replies “Oh my gosh, thanks Channing; I can’t wait to show everyone my new signature towel and tell everyone about how you can get personalized towels through Signature Towels”!

Channing: ” Ready, to go for another dip in the ocean ”

Lucy: ” You betcha!” Both then run off into the water having lots of fun, leaving towels laying in the wind!

Thanks to Signature Towels for sponsoring the 3rd Miss Teen Canada – World Blog Assignment!

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Feeling green and active?

Take a visit to the Lakeside Leisure Centre located in the City of Brooks! The Leisure Centre offers a wave pool, competition pool, work out room, ice surface, curling rink, gymnasium and so much more! They also offer many aquatic classes and multiple fitness classes! The leisure centre offers a whole lot of fun but most importantly they are doing everything they can to be environmentally green!

pool in Lakeside Leisure Centre, flat roof

The pool at the Leisure Centre  has water that completely recycles so they are wasting as less water as possible! The water runs through a filter is cleaned and returned and enjoyed by many! They have many other ways of demonstrating how much they love the environment! This includes using used paper over and over again for notepads, trying their best to use as little paper as possible,  they have an AMAZING recycling program! Everywhere you go there is a recycling bin, this majorly encourages recycling and gets others into recycling as well! The employees encourage everyone to use water bottles so that cups are not needed and they are not wasting plastics either! To save energy the Leisure Centre will turn off the lights in places where no patron is active!

Lakeside Leisure Centre, flat roof

This image is of the Cenovus Flexhall and is used for many events and sports! The flooring in this room is insulated and adds to the environmentally green factor! This room is green  in the sense there is VERY little energy being used because it simply doesn’t require any energy!! There are so many rooms in this active building that are environmentally green and help contribute to the well being of the environment!

The Leisure Centre along with the City of Brooks is so focused on the environment that they even went to schools and spoke to many kids about how they can be green! Absolutely amazing!

The building has green grass, flowers, and trees all around the outside to create a green feel as soon as you arrive at the building itself! This s one building you MUST check out!

Thanks to flat roof for sponsoring this blog assignment!

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Planning on visiting a historical site to learn more about your history?  Take yourself back to over 66 million years ago at Dinosaur Provincial Park. Dinosaur Park is actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and bring in thousands of people each year.

Dinosaur Provincial Park is by far the coolest and most visited place to visit within the County of Newell!


Why should you visit Dinosaur Provincial Park? What does this UNESCO World Heritage Site have to offer?Well,  let me tell you all about it! Today, I went to Dinosaur Provincial Park to indulge in the best of what the County of Newell and the Badland Counties had to offer. When you arrive you are greeted by fresh air, a vast majority of untouched land, caring people, amazing wildlife, and an all around historical feel.  The term badlands comes from an old indian term of ‘waste land’, and is basically a large area of untouched land that has eroded, which dinosaurs once roamed around on! I thought it was unbelievably cool to get to see, feel, and stand on where dinosaurs once walked, it instantly brought me back to the Jurassic and Cretaceous Periods of long, long, LONG, ago!

This is the badlands of Dinosaur Provincial Park! The badlands of the Dinosaur Provincial Park are over 80 KM long!!

Dinosaur Park has many tours and activities to offer to help guide you through this beautiful look at what Mother Nature has to offer and also has many curriculum based tours to support education! As a child, I remember that our elementary schools always thought that it was a MUST that we see the history of Dinosaur Provincial Park, today’s trip brought me back to the tour we took, climbing on the rocks, playing on the playground, having some delicious ice cream, and most importantly learning about the dinosaurs and getting to see all the fossils! If you are into palaeontology or have a large desire for history, then DINOSAUR PARK IS THE PLACE FOR YOU!!

Say hello to our friend Mr. Albertosaurus Libratus! This is one of MANY dinosaurs that can be found at Dinosaur Provincial Park.

Dinosaur Park also has superb camping for those who are wanting to experience the night life! The park not only offers quality campsites they also offer Comfort Camping! Comfort Camping are wooden canvas tents that have out-of-this-world comfortable and sturdy beds, and equipped with mini fridges, tables, chairs ,and more, which I thought was beyond cool; as I have never even heard of Comfort Camping before!

This is an inside look at the Comfort Camping! Just one of the many ways that dinosaur park allows you to enjoy the great outdoors while having the comfort that you need!

Dinosaur Park has said to have some of the most beautiful hikes and hoodoos in all of Alberta, and it is just something that you cannot miss on your next trip to The County of Newell!
I had a great time exploring this beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site today, so I am positive you will too!

A HUGE thanks to Niagara Falls for sponsoring the 2nd Miss Teen Canada World Blog Assignment!

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Hey everyone!

So as I mentioned in my blog post ‘Preparing for Graduation’ I did graduate on the weekend! How cool is that ?? So on that note I am going to tell you all about it!

So as you all know I have been preparing for this my whole entire grade 12 year basically and the day came and went so fast. I must admit it was one of the best days of my life but unfortunately it went by so fast. I just wish I could relive it again!

It started out nice and early and I went to get my hair done by Lindsay McGruther who also does my pageant hair for my events! She made my hair look beautiful- it was exactly what I wanted! Next, I went to my make-up appointment. Fallon Larson did my airbrush make up for the first time and she made me look absolutely flawless! I was so impressed! Once that was done, my best friend Louise (who also stayed at my house the whole weekend with me) got me into my dress and did the entire corsette back! She was actually amazing help and my grad day wouldn’t have been the same without her! Thanks Louise for everything you did!

Once my grad escort; Jordon Bandura who is also a really good friend of mine arrived at my house we headed straight to pictures! Pictures went all the way up until 4:30 and we actually had so much fun. The best pictures were taken at this farm we went to! The scenery was beautiful! I cannot wait until I get them all back from my photographer.

This was my grad dress! It was the biggest dress at the graduation! I loved it so much I might even wear it at the Miss Teen Canada - World national pageant !

Side Note: Daphne Lewis with Living Proof Photography also does my miss teen photos and you can also actually expect a photo shoot coming up soon, so make sure you like my Facebook page and her business page so you can exclusively see all the pictures!

Anyhow, after the pictures we went straight to the Heritage Inn where we had our graduation meal! It was absolutely delicious and it was put off so well! I may have had one plate too many 😉 haha! Once the meal was all done we headed straight back to my house where I opened gifts. I had so many gifts given to me, there’s waaaay to many people to thank. On the bright side of this I received lots of money for my graduation that I can put towards buying all the things I need for the Miss Teen Canada – World national pageant and pageant week! Plus I love shopping so it was the perfect for me!

Once all that was done we headed out to Duchess for our group graduation photo which was done by Red Roof Studio who photographed me right before my provincial pageant! The ceremony was right after so we had to hurry on over to the arena!

I was the very last graduate to walk out and it was so awesome because I will never forget having the chance to look at everyone and taking my time and really living the moment, it was one of the best feelings in the world! Even now when I hear the song ‘Shine On- Florida Georgia Line’ (my walk up song) it makes me so nostalgic of those moments! Hopefully that feeling never fades!

My group of best friend in front of the 2013 numbers my dad made my grad class!

The ceremony was beautiful. There was so many touching speeches, a PHENOMENAL slide show by my best friend Chantal Gramlich! And I actually even got to speak at our ceremony. I got to say the final thank you and hand out the gifts and show the appreciation on behalf of the grad class and it really helped with my public speaking! My grad day by far was one for the books!

Well thats it for now!

Lots of Love!



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Hey everyone!

So as I mentioned in my last blog, I was asked to be a celebrity reader at the Elementary sector of Duchess School, which you all know is the school I attend. Before I talk about my experience I would just like to talk about my love of kids. When I got to speak and spend quality time with the elementary kids and attend their assembly it showed me just how full of life they really are. When someone was called out for receiving a certificate for good behaviour in class and demonstrating self control, the whole gymnasium was in uproar. Everyone was so supportive of what was happening and was really proud of their peers. It was so joyful just to be able to witness how happy they were. You could feel their imagination and positivity soar when some of them played together or how they just interacted with each other. Absolutely amazing!

Speaking at Duchess School about my love of reading and the importance of education!

Anyhow, on to my celebrity reader day! It started off with attending the monthly elementary assembly. They always hand out the ‘Honor Roll’ Certificates for the month and the behaviour theme certificates for the month. This months behaviour theme was ‘Self Control’. It was so rewarding for me to see how many children got certificates out of the hundreds that were attending. The most rewarding part was to see the look on their faces and like I said the support from the their peers was absolutely out of this world. Outstanding to say the least!

Once the assembly was done and everyone returned to their class rooms I made my way down to see the Kindergartens! They were BEYOND excited! Between us, I think I was more excited than they were ;). Haha! They already had a book picked for me to read to them for story time. It was called “Froggy Goes to Hawaii”. The book was really funny but also had some good lessons that I also got to talk about with this kids in regards to behaviour and self- control, it tied in perfect with their monthly behaviour topic. We also got to talk about good listening, it was awesome. They were so well behaved, I personally would have given them all an award!!

Reading to the Kindergarten Class! What A Blast!

Once my book was done, I moved my way over to the Grade 1 classroom for the last half of the reading slot. I got to the classroom and it was just an all around positive environment. The teachers and students were so welcoming it was unbelievable! When I got there, they let me read my favourite child hood author; Robert Munsch! This made me even more ecstatic!! We read 2 books; the 1st was ‘Up, Up, Down’ and the second was ‘Ribbon Rescue’. Two books that are fun and also give us good lessons; excellent picks! Reading 'Ribbon Rescue' To the Grade 1 Class! SO MUCH FUN!

The children just wanted to hug me and stay with me all day! I would have loved too but unfortunately I couldn’t :(. I gave them one of my custom “Free The Children” wristbands as a gift of appreciation for having me! In return they gave me a signed card with some mints, a Duchess School pen and notepad. I couldn’t believe they gave ME a gift, when being asked to do such this was such a reward! I couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon!

Ribbon Rescue!

Thank you Duchess School for the wonderful experience! For more pictures and more on my Celebrity Reading- make sure you visit and ‘Like’ my Facebook Page!

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