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So as you probably already know; we are expected to fundraise for Free the Children as a part of being a Miss Teen Canada- World pageant delegate. For those of you who don’t know Free The Children is an absolutely amazing organization that works mostly in third world countries and helps millions of children. Children who are fighting disease, starvation, poverty, war crimes and so much more. Free The Children builds schools, helps educate children, helps build water wells closer to communities to prevent women and children from fetching water to spend more time in school. Free The Children also helps fight illnesses such as Malaria; and makes sure that children go to school with a full stomach, preventing more illnesses.

So yesterday, April 27th, I held a Battle of the Bands to raise money. I have been planning this event since early February, almost immediately after I was crowned in my provincial pageant. The event was a lot to pull off but with my lovely committee; it was a success. I spent many hours advertising, and with the help of Frontier Sign Works who did an AMAZING job on my posters, and my tickets for the event. They actually even helped designed the logo for me which was great help! My main sponsor Essential Coil Well Service was a HUGE part of making this a success. Duane Perkins, was always there to help make this possible. They donated so much and worked so hard on this event, without Duane and Essential, this wouldn’t have been possible. Other members of my committee consisted of the wonderful ladies that work with my mom! Tammy Evans, who planned the event down to a T, Rhonda McGruther who did all my tickets and paper work for my event, and Morgan Thomas who was my band coorindator, she stayed in contact with the bands and helped organize it all.

6 Bands came out to play last night to help me fundraise money, and battle it out for a $1000.00 prize! The bands consisted of Separate Self, Stormrider, Aim For Theo, 30 odd 6 , Kirstyn Johnson, and Faint Awakening.

This is me MCing the event! Was so much fun!

I loved all the bands and they did an amazing job. Our one girl Kirsty Johnson, she stunned the crowd with her amazing voice and her piano talent; she actually has a song on iTunes that is phenomenal! Check it out – its called What’s the Good in Goodbye? . She was amazing, unfortunately she didn’t win because she wasn’t a band, but it is very easy to tell she is going somewhere with her talent! All the bands are for that matter! Anyhow, our winner was …. FAINT AWAKENING. They are actually a local band and they are all brothers and sisters! They were phenomenal and did so well, it was great to hear them finally! What was so generous about this group was that when they won, they donated $200 out of their prize money!!!! I was in absolute shock!! Just couldn’t believe it! It was absolutely amazing!!

My judges worked so hard to pull this off! I could not thank them enough! My judging panel consisted of Mark Zagorsky, Courtney Potts, Brian Stone, and Mike Wenner who all know the music industry all to well!

I would like to thank everyone who came out to support me, all my friends and family who came, everyone who volunteered, my committee for pulling this off but most importantly my mom and my dad. I haven’t mentioned my mom and my dad much in my previous posts but you should all know that they are and always have been my #1 supporters. They go to the moon and back for me and there is not enough words in the world to thank them with. I love them so much and they definitely were the 2 most important people at the event and the 2 most important people that helped make it come true. Thank you mom and dad for everything and more!

Tia Argue from the SPEC Association brought some of her volunteers down to help, their help was so much appreciated! Thanks to Tia and her volunteer teens at SPEC for coming and doing an awesome job!

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