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So as I mentioned in my last blog, I was asked to be a celebrity reader at the Elementary sector of Duchess School, which you all know is the school I attend. Before I talk about my experience I would just like to talk about my love of kids. When I got to speak and spend quality time with the elementary kids and attend their assembly it showed me just how full of life they really are. When someone was called out for receiving a certificate for good behaviour in class and demonstrating self control, the whole gymnasium was in uproar. Everyone was so supportive of what was happening and was really proud of their peers. It was so joyful just to be able to witness how happy they were. You could feel their imagination and positivity soar when some of them played together or how they just interacted with each other. Absolutely amazing!

Speaking at Duchess School about my love of reading and the importance of education!

Anyhow, on to my celebrity reader day! It started off with attending the monthly elementary assembly. They always hand out the ‘Honor Roll’ Certificates for the month and the behaviour theme certificates for the month. This months behaviour theme was ‘Self Control’. It was so rewarding for me to see how many children got certificates out of the hundreds that were attending. The most rewarding part was to see the look on their faces and like I said the support from the their peers was absolutely out of this world. Outstanding to say the least!

Once the assembly was done and everyone returned to their class rooms I made my way down to see the Kindergartens! They were BEYOND¬†excited! Between us, I think I was more excited than they were ;). Haha! They already had a book picked for me to read to them for story time. It was called “Froggy Goes to Hawaii”. The book was really funny but also had some good lessons that I also got to talk about with this kids in regards to behaviour and self- control, it tied in perfect with their monthly behaviour topic. We also got to talk about good listening, it was awesome. They were so well behaved, I personally would have given them all an award!!

Reading to the Kindergarten Class! What A Blast!

Once my book was done, I moved my way over to the Grade 1 classroom for the last half of the reading slot. I got to the classroom and it was just an all around positive environment. The teachers and students were so welcoming it was unbelievable! When I got there, they let me read my favourite child hood author; Robert Munsch! This made me even more ecstatic!! We read 2 books; the 1st was ‘Up, Up, Down’ and the second was ‘Ribbon Rescue’. Two books that are fun and also give us good lessons; excellent picks!¬†Reading 'Ribbon Rescue' To the Grade 1 Class! SO MUCH FUN!

The children just wanted to hug me and stay with me all day! I would have loved too but unfortunately I couldn’t :(. I gave them one of my custom “Free The Children” wristbands as a gift of appreciation for having me! In return they gave me a signed card with some mints, a Duchess School pen and notepad. I couldn’t believe they gave ME a gift, when being asked to do such this was such a reward! I couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon!

Ribbon Rescue!

Thank you Duchess School for the wonderful experience! For more pictures and more on my Celebrity Reading- make sure you visit and ‘Like’ my Facebook Page!

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