Planning on visiting a historical site to learn more about your history?  Take yourself back to over 66 million years ago at Dinosaur Provincial Park. Dinosaur Park is actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and bring in thousands of people each year.

Dinosaur Provincial Park is by far the coolest and most visited place to visit within the County of Newell!


Why should you visit Dinosaur Provincial Park? What does this UNESCO World Heritage Site have to offer?Well,  let me tell you all about it! Today, I went to Dinosaur Provincial Park to indulge in the best of what the County of Newell and the Badland Counties had to offer. When you arrive you are greeted by fresh air, a vast majority of untouched land, caring people, amazing wildlife, and an all around historical feel.  The term badlands comes from an old indian term of ‘waste land’, and is basically a large area of untouched land that has eroded, which dinosaurs once roamed around on! I thought it was unbelievably cool to get to see, feel, and stand on where dinosaurs once walked, it instantly brought me back to the Jurassic and Cretaceous Periods of long, long, LONG, ago!

This is the badlands of Dinosaur Provincial Park! The badlands of the Dinosaur Provincial Park are over 80 KM long!!

Dinosaur Park has many tours and activities to offer to help guide you through this beautiful look at what Mother Nature has to offer and also has many curriculum based tours to support education! As a child, I remember that our elementary schools always thought that it was a MUST that we see the history of Dinosaur Provincial Park, today’s trip brought me back to the tour we took, climbing on the rocks, playing on the playground, having some delicious ice cream, and most importantly learning about the dinosaurs and getting to see all the fossils! If you are into palaeontology or have a large desire for history, then DINOSAUR PARK IS THE PLACE FOR YOU!!

Say hello to our friend Mr. Albertosaurus Libratus! This is one of MANY dinosaurs that can be found at Dinosaur Provincial Park.

Dinosaur Park also has superb camping for those who are wanting to experience the night life! The park not only offers quality campsites they also offer Comfort Camping! Comfort Camping are wooden canvas tents that have out-of-this-world comfortable and sturdy beds, and equipped with mini fridges, tables, chairs ,and more, which I thought was beyond cool; as I have never even heard of Comfort Camping before!

This is an inside look at the Comfort Camping! Just one of the many ways that dinosaur park allows you to enjoy the great outdoors while having the comfort that you need!

Dinosaur Park has said to have some of the most beautiful hikes and hoodoos in all of Alberta, and it is just something that you cannot miss on your next trip to The County of Newell!
I had a great time exploring this beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site today, so I am positive you will too!

A HUGE thanks to Niagara Falls for sponsoring the 2nd Miss Teen Canada World Blog Assignment!

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