Hey all!

Welcome to my blog, I am so excited you have decided to visit my page and share this amazing journey with me! I am so excited to be apart of the Miss Teen Canada – World organization this year and so excited to be representing my hometown. So with that being said; let me tell you about myself!

I was born in St. John’s Newfoundland, at the St. Claire’s hospital. My parents then took me home which at the time was Fortune, Newfoundland. Fortune is where my mom grew up and it is technically connected with Grand Bank which is where my dad grew up. I lived in Fortune until I was almost 5 years old! My parents moved up here to Brooks when I was 2 and then started working and built a better life for me to come to here in Alberta.

I started school at Eastbrook Elementary which was right behind our first house. I went to Eastbrook Elementary from kindergarten all the way up until grade 6! I then went to Brooks Junior High School which was from grades 7-9 and then to Brooks Composite High School in Grade 10 where I did one semester and then switched to Duchess School. Duchess is about 15 minutes away from Brooks and just this past January 1st got announced to finally be a town and not a village. It really hasn’t changed much though! Duchess school is really small but it has kids from Pre – Kindergarten all the way up till Grade 12 (which is the grade I’m in now). After school I plan on attending the University of Calgary where I’m supposed to study nursing- I have a feeling that will change into acting because I’ve ALWAYS wanted to act!

I’ve always wanted to be in the movies, on TV or even just be in the spotlight. My parents put me in dance classes where I started taking jazz at 5 years old! I have been dancing competitively for 6 years! I have taught many classes of various ages and choreographed routines in the past. I do all styles of dance. Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre, Modern/Contemporary, Lyrical, Hip Hop and much more! I even know different forms of Hip Hop such as crump, break dancing, and tutting! I have taken classes in various different styles! I love all styles but I have been doing Jazz the longest but I am the best at Contemporary/Modern. I think it is because I am such a quirky person and they both are very corky and weird styles and it matches my personality well! That’s me on the side! This was the hardest routine I have ever done but it was the funnest by far! The song was called Meeting in the Ladies room and it was our jazz routine in 2010! One of my greatest dance years!

As a kid I was very shy and scared of anyone that wasn’t my family and it was very hard to talk to people and my parents thought I would never even consider a pageant but now it really isn’t a surprise. I feel comfortable talking to anyone and I am extremely outgoing and very easy to approach. I love people and I have a very energetic personality, thats why I dance multiple times a week, volunteer regularly at my local hospital, I’m on the yearbook committee, student council and so much more! I like being involved and getting out there which is why I knew the pageant was right for me! I am so unbelievably honoured to be representing my hometown and surrounding area in the national pageant!     This will be an experience to remember, thats for sure and I hope you’re along for the ride ! One of my duties as a title holder is to regularly blog so I can promise you will be up to date with what I am up to through my blog and through via Facebook and Twitter!

Well I better go; so much to do for my fundraiser next weekend!

Talk to you soon!

Love Kolbi  – Miss Teen Newell County- World 🙂


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