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Take a visit to the Lakeside Leisure Centre located in the City of Brooks! The Leisure Centre offers a wave pool, competition pool, work out room, ice surface, curling rink, gymnasium and so much more! They also offer many aquatic classes and multiple fitness classes! The leisure centre offers a whole lot of fun but most importantly they are doing everything they can to be environmentally green!

pool in Lakeside Leisure Centre, flat roof

The pool at the Leisure Centre  has water that completely recycles so they are wasting as less water as possible! The water runs through a filter is cleaned and returned and enjoyed by many! They have many other ways of demonstrating how much they love the environment! This includes using used paper over and over again for notepads, trying their best to use as little paper as possible,  they have an AMAZING recycling program! Everywhere you go there is a recycling bin, this majorly encourages recycling and gets others into recycling as well! The employees encourage everyone to use water bottles so that cups are not needed and they are not wasting plastics either! To save energy the Leisure Centre will turn off the lights in places where no patron is active!

Lakeside Leisure Centre, flat roof

This image is of the Cenovus Flexhall and is used for many events and sports! The flooring in this room is insulated and adds to the environmentally green factor! This room is green  in the sense there is VERY little energy being used because it simply doesn’t require any energy!! There are so many rooms in this active building that are environmentally green and help contribute to the well being of the environment!

The Leisure Centre along with the City of Brooks is so focused on the environment that they even went to schools and spoke to many kids about how they can be green! Absolutely amazing!

The building has green grass, flowers, and trees all around the outside to create a green feel as soon as you arrive at the building itself! This s one building you MUST check out!

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