It’s the called the City of Love for a reason! It’s beautiful and it’s by far the most romantic place on our beautiful Earth! Yep, it’s Paris!

When I was a little girl I had always dreamed of visiting the Eiffle Tower and tasting pastries. Today; that is still my dream! It has been said that even the air in Paris has a certain smell that could make you fall in love without doing anything at all.

Did you know that the Eiffel Tower was inspired by the structure of human bones? Absolutely amazing and Breath Taking! Photo received from !

If I got the chance to take this dream vacation with all my friend I would take fellow contestant Tricia Braunstein as we are already best friends! I would also take my friends from back home like Chantal Gramlich, Katrina LaFosse, Arielle Schmidt, Katie Musgrove, Shania Watson, Stephanie Payne, and Tamara Zahenaiko!My friends and I actually just got back from a S-trip! to Puerto Vallarta and we all enjoyed S-trip! so much! I think they would enjoy Paris because they all love sight seeing and to be honest; what’s not to love about Paris? For me personally, I want nothing more than to see the heritage of Paris. I want to see all the beautiful buildings that have piece of the culture and heritage with it! I would also love to learn French. The French language even sounds beautiful to me! I want to see the Castle, all the Cathedrals because they have the most beautiful drawings and stained glass that it is hard not to want to see that! Especially the Notre Dame Cathedral, it is the most stunning Cathedral in the world!

This is the Notre Dame Cathedral! Absolutely Stunning! Photo received by: Wikipedia CommonsThis is inside the Notre Dame Cathedral and I think it is one of the world's most beautiful sites! Photo received from:

The art in each of the buildings in Paris is absolutely breathtaking! There’s quite nothing like it! To receive this trip it would actually be  a dream come true!! I cannot express my passion for Paris, I have asked my parents almost every day to go to Paris, but to be able to do this trip with my high school friends and Tricia would be absolutely amazing this one trip I would never forget!

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