Hey everyone! So I have been super delayed on the blogging lately its because my graduation is this weekend! In the County of Newell area, grad is a HUGE event. It’s actually one of the most popular events, and probably the most looked forward too event! I cannot explain my excitement. My grad is supposed to be kept top secret and a surprise but just for you guys, I’ll share a couple secrets ;).


So the last few months, the rest of the grads and I have been going to tons of meetings just to organize this and pull it off. Last week we went to the arena (where our grad is being held) and we cleaned with all the parents. Unfortunately, I could not attend because once again I was dancing but both of my parents went in my place and all my graduates were very understanding and they did so great. The arena smelled and looked wonderful when I arrived. They definitely deserve a round of applause and some recognition for their hard work!

Today, is an exciting day though! We are going to decorate the arena today! I am really excited. Our theme; Classy Hollywood. Our colours for grad are white, silver, red and black, and let me tell you, those colours look amazing together. Last week some of my closest friends, my mom, my aunt and I cut out a bunch of different stars which is our main decoration. That may sound like an easy job but it took us over 2 hours just to trace and cut out 170 stars and my friend Shania spent time spray painting them all so they all look sparkly! The rest of my grad class spent time the next day cutting out another 170 stars! So we will have tons of stars!!! Me and a couple of my friends are in charge of the arena and stage portion! My other friends are in charge of the foyer and have some really cool ideas for that too! Something that’s really cool is my dad made HUGE 6 foot numbers for our grad class. He bought plywood and made 2013 out of them and then him and my uncle painted them. Once the first coat was done and dry, my aunt and I did the second coat and added TONS of glitter on them. After that was done and dry my dad and uncle added clear/gold christmas lights to them to make it them pop and more classy! I can’t wait till the rest of my class see’s them because they are so cool! And between us, some of them don’t even know what they look like so you guys are the lucky ones to get the first description of it :)! 

I will definitely blog about grad on Sunday and add pictures of my dress, and add pictures of the 2013 so you guys can see it, instead of just imagine it. You’ll love it, I know it!

I can’t wait to tell you all about it. My next blog will be coming on Wednesday and will be all about my Celebrity Reading for Education week! Another event I’m super excited for! So stay tuned for that as well! But I better head out to the arena and start decorating!

Bye for now!

Love Kolbi 🙂

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