Hi I’m Kolbi from Kolbi’s Ad Agency and I’m here to tell you about the amazing commercial I would make for Signature Towels if my company got the job and teh $250K reward to make this commercial! Signature Towels are a great way to order personalized gifts for a friend, a loved one, parent or a gift of any type. The problem is, not enough people know about this company and more need to know- so I am desiging an awesome commercial for Signature Towels to get noticed the absolute best way they can ! So check it out below!

I would use the setting as the Royal Decameron Resort in Puerto Vallarta as it is right on the beach and towels are very frequently used on the beach and they are a excellent way of showcasing the towels!! My actor in the commericial would be Channing Tatum and my actress would be Lucy Hale! The reason  I chose Channing Tatum is because many girls are head over heals for Channing and would want to buy the same towels. Also many guys and girls are in love with Pretty Little Liars actress Lucy Hale as she is absolutely stunning and they would also want to buy the same product as her!

The commercial starts with Channing coming out of the ocean, and running up to grab a towel from his friend Lucy!

Lucy then says ” Hey Channing, where’d you get that totally cool towel from” Channing replies: “I got it from Signature Towels! They are super soft, large, and are perfect for the bath or the beach, they are also a great gift for anyone! It’s a personalized gift to show that you care for the recipient! ”

Lucy: ” That’s awesome, I wish I had a Signature Bath Towel! How do I get one?”

Channing: ” No worries Lucy, I already got you one, they’re the coolest towels around and so I got it for a cool girl like you (hands towel to lucy)” Lucy then with excitement replies “Oh my gosh, thanks Channing; I can’t wait to show everyone my new signature towel and tell everyone about how you can get personalized towels through Signature Towels”!

Channing: ” Ready, to go for another dip in the ocean ”

Lucy: ” You betcha!” Both then run off into the water having lots of fun, leaving towels laying in the wind!

Thanks to Signature Towels for sponsoring the 3rd Miss Teen Canada – World Blog Assignment!

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